150 years of pioneering
values and technology.
We are who we are thanks to our history

The foundations of the past, having the vision for the future.

Transports Bernadet, was created as a local company dedicated to the transport of goods in order to supply its customers in the region and the village. Currently, we are in the 4th family generation, with the same values ​​that more than 150 years ago defined Transports Bernadet.

Consolidating the company on the foundations of the past, having the vision in the future keeping our feet in the present, makes us who we are.

From the first day, Transports Bernadet is in continuous development, consolidating itself as one of the leading companies in integrating the most innovative and advanced technology and systems in the fields of logistics, transport and administration.  All these processes are carried out in order to adapt to new market trends to evolve together with our sector.

Due to our strong commitment to new technologies, we have facilities and a fleet of the newest transport vehicles, as we strongly believe it is important to join this new road called “future”.

Furthermore, we believe that having the best computer systems allows us to reduce time and gain agility when it comes to deliveries and departures. A key factor in defining the dynamism and innovation of Transports Bernadet.

In this case, the fact of having installed an EMS (Warehouse Management System) has enabled the company to have all the necessary information in real time and digitized. Saving all the information year after year and day after day, not only allows you to analyse the growth of the company, but also opens the door to live in a modern world, in which if there is an unexpected event, it is easier to adapt and react in time as to meet our customers needs.

The human team, their enthusiasm and eagerness, allows us to achieve a successful and exciting project.

The commitment to customers makes us different. This is based on the highest quality of service and the fast and efficient response, whether technical, logistical or human.

Transports Bernadet currently has its own fleet of trucks, and other collaborators, all of them are managed with dynamism and efficiency. Applied technology has allowed us to go one step further to transport our customers’ material with more guarantee and more security. In fact, it has been a key factor in maintaining and improving customer’s confidence.

Our history.


The embryo of the current company was born due to the need of Capellades paper industry.


Animal traction transportation is already left behind. A Chevrolet and a Ford formed the company’s main fleet.


The fleet was expanded with two trucks, one of the “Pegaso” brand and the other “Barreiros”. The best technology in order to be able to offer a good service was already present from the beginning.


We incorporated two new trucks from the “Barreiros” brand, legendary for its capabilities and durability. One of them was our first 3-axle truck.


Due to the continued growth, the company became a Limited Company and turned into the current Transports Bernadet S.A.


In only two years, the first warehouse turned out to be small and it was built the second 2,500 m² logistics warehouse next to the first one.


Both the logistics activity and the company grew. A fourth warehouse with 2,000 m² was built and the new offices were also located in the industrial area of “la Barquera” in Capellades.


With the concern of being close to customers in order to improve the service, the central industrial unit of Bernadet Logistics was built. Concretely, an industrial unit of 3,500 m² with 4 loading / unloading docks and offices. Located in the industrial area of “Pla de les Gavarreres” in Òdena, it enjoys a privileged location, halfway between Igualada and Capellades and with direct access to the N-II road and the C-15.


The capacity of logistics services had significant growth. In the same industrial area of the Pla de les Gavarreres in Òdena, the company grew by 3,000 m².


With the help of logistics, we needed to strengthen the fleet. We expanded the current fleet with three new “Renault” brand trucks.


We expand our services in the transportation of international maritime containers.


Bernadet Logistics company is born to respond to the current needs of the market. We are committed to offering efficient and flexible solutions, focused on customer and operational excellence.


We expanded our facilities with a new 5,500 m² warehouse with 4 loading/unloading docks and offices. Located in the Can Parera Industrial area in Catellolí, it enjoys a privileged location next to the N-II highway.

In the future...

We will continue with the same attitude of service, with long-term relationships with our customers, based on trust, enthusiasm, passion and innovation.