Comprehensive Evolution

We evolve comprehensive logistics services.

Bernadet Logístics has logistics facilities strategically located to supply the different customers we have in the shortest possible time.

Our new warehouses, located in Capellades and Òdena, with loading and unloading docks, are ready with all the means necessary for the preparation of goods, for all deliveries and / or receptions required, and even for “JIT” and “CROSS-DOCKING” service.

Technology is our great partner, we have computer solutions, as to know via intranet the stocks in real time of the state of their products, loads, unloadings, movements of goods in our warehouses and stock inventories.

• We supply to the automotive industry.
• Traceability of goods at all levels.
• Own storage and handling systems.
• Packaging management.
• Traceability logistics projects for supply chain integration.
• Emergency unloadings / loads.