Transports Bernadet


Our large experience

Millions of punctual kilometres.

Transports Bernadet, initially set up as a traditional company dedicated to the transport of goods, has established itself in the sector as a leading company that integrates the most advanced logistics systems.

More than 150 years of experience and continuous development, we are currently in the fourth generation of the family, with the most complete logistics facilities, and the commitment to the latest information technologies. In fact, this has allowed us to position us as one of the most dynamic companies with greater projection of the sector. The strength of our company lies in the enthusiasm, personal commitment to the client, experience and ambition to lead a successful project. Nowadays, our staff is highly qualified and able to adapt to the constant changes and the needs of our customers.

The commitment makes us different, based on a quality of service and a fast and effective response at all levels, technical and human, that we will achieve through the professionalism of our team, which offers a comprehensive service and personalized follow-up.

Transports Bernadet operates with its own fleet of vehicles and collaborators, managed with the most advanced technology, allowing to transport the products of our customers, with the maximum security and guarantee.