Transports Bernadet completes a new warehouse in Castellolí

The warehouse will open in mid-2024 and will reinforce the logistics division.

Transports Bernadet will have a new warehouse in Castellolí, a town near Igualada (Barcelona). This warehouse will cover around 5,500 square meters and will be added to a park of 27,000 square meters that we have in the vicinity of the Catalan capital, where several of our main clients are located. We view this expansion as part of the diversification of our business, which we have been pursuing in recent years. This diversification involves the promotion of our logistics and maritime container lines, in addition to road transport.

Transports Bernadet offers services that include audits, monthly inventories, factory transportation, containers, and canvas. We operate three lines of business, which function as interconnected vessels, allowing us to influence various points in the supply chain according to our clients’ needs.

The new warehouse will accommodate all types of products, aligning with our philosophy of proximity. We strive to integrate closely with our clients, to the extent that we share personnel with them in our facilities. This commitment underscores our decision to expand the company’s logistics space.